Zac Houck, M.S.

Clinical and Research Focus

Zac Houck is currently a third-year graduate student in the Clinical and Health Psychology program. His clinical interests vary to include assessment of acute sport-related concussion, young adult ADHD, and neurodegenerative disease.  His research interests include identification of non-injury factors that influence recovery and cognitive functioning following mild traumatic brain injuries, as well as frontal lobe circuitry responsible for emotional and behavioral regulation in populations that have sustained repetitive brain trauma.  Zac previously attended Jacksonville University where he played collegiate baseball and earned degrees in Psychology, Sociology and Social Sciences.


Houck Z. M, B. Asken, J. Clugston, W. Perlstein, & R. Bauer (2017).  Socioeconomic status outperforms concussion history and sport participation in predicting baseline neurocognitive scores of collegiate athletes.  Journal: Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society.​ 1-10.

Houck, Z. M, Asken, B., Bauer, R., Pothast, J., Michaudet, C., & Clugston, J. (2016). Epidemiology of sport-related concussion in an NCAA Division I Football Bowl Subdivision sample. The American journal of sports medicine44(9), 2269-2275.

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