Thomas Mareci, Ph.D.


Dr. Mareci received a doctoral degree in physical chemistry in 1982 from Oxford University for his work on nuclear magnetic resonance multiple-quantum spectroscopy.  Dr. Mareci joined the faculty of the University of Florida in 1982, served as the Director of the Center for Structural Biology from 1993-2007, and affiliated with the McKnight Brain Institute.  He is an affiliate faculty member of the Departments of Physics and Biomedical Engineering and a member of the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, where he is helping to develop the in vivo magnetic resonance program.  He has published over 80 journal articles and 12 book chapters.


Dr. Mareci’s research focuses on the study of fundamental questions of tissue structure and biochemical processes in living systems, which are accessible to study with nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) techniques. To provide a detailed understanding of the living system, we are examining excised tissue with MR microscopy and spectroscopy.  Then these measurements are extended to studies in vivo. This work involves a detailed investigation of biophysical processes at the cellular and molecular level along with the development of NMR measurement and processing methods, and specialized hardware.